Monday, April 27, 2015


Yesterday, I transplanted arugula and spinach into large pots on my deck. These plants like the cooler side of spring and I will soon have fresh greens for my salads. I am especially pleased that I was able to germinate these plants from seeds.

I germinated several other variety of seeds this spring; basil, banana peppers, parsley, chives, morning glories, 4 o'clock, and marigolds. Easter came early this year so I started my seed project on Good Friday. I set up a table by the glass deck door where the tubes of seeds would get plenty of sunlight.

There's something a little exciting about putting seeds into the soil, examining each seed and knowing that the design contains the genetic material to make a flower or fruit. Then the soil is gently moistened and then I must wait to see what happens.

Will I be successful? Will the seed germinate? Will I have a seedling or have I seen the seed for the last time?

Maybe, because it was Good Friday, the whole experience reminded me of the Easter story. The body of Christ was put into the ground and his followers thought they would never seen Him again. Yet, on Easter He arose to greet the women who came to the tomb.

And now my plants are ready to go outside. The pepper plant will grow tall and the morning glories will bloom. Spring is filled with the promise of new beginnings and reminders of our faith.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Review of the book MESSAGES, by John Michael Hileman

I read an interesting book last week and thought I would give it a review.

David Chance begins receiving messages. They are in printed text all around him. He doesn't know who is sending the messages or why he was chosen to receive them. When he followed their instructions once, it saved his life. The second time, saved the life of a friend. Then he received a message that said that in two days someone would try to kill the President of the United States.

I found the premise intriguing and the action drew me in. I was always curious about what the next message might be.

Here is the link:


Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Sometimes we only see one side of a person and never think about the depth of character or talents that person might possess. This week I was reminded of that, in a very real way.

I work at a lot of different schools and I've become acquainted with many professionals from each. There is a teacher at one school that always seemed to say things that I find annoying. I'm not sure why, but this man really got on my nerves.

Last week I was assigned to share a classroom with him. I knew we would spend the entire afternoon together in close quarters. What if he found me as irritating as I thought he was? We would drive each other crazy.

As it turns out, watching this person teach a classroom of students was a pleasure. He absolutely had a gift for working with children and interacted with them effortlessly. He had a strategy in mind to encourage good behavior and taught difficult concepts in a new way. I couldn't help but be impresses.

Despite his quirkiness, this teacher was an absolute professional. I had a new respect for this man.

I need to remember that we all have hidden talents. We all deserve respect.