Sunday, August 31, 2008

Magi Journal: Entry 1

The Departure

“I pray you will find what it is you seek.”

I looked into the dark, troubled eyes of my wife, Hend. I knew she feared I would not return. What could I say to ease her mind? Would this trip take months--years? I did not know.

I have too many unanswered questions to attempt to calm her mind. We do not know our destination, or even the person we seek. We only know that we are compelled to follow a sign.

“Try not to worry,” I whispered, moving close to embrace my love. “We will travel in a large caravan for safety.”

Hend’s eyes could pierce my thoughts and I could give her no more comfort. As I held her tightly, I heard the rapid pounding of her heart. I must speed my departure or I will never leave my family.

I turned to hug each of my daughters and instructed them to obey their mother. I reminded my sons that it was their task to protect and care for all the women. I left my oldest son, Zechariah, in charge of the family business.

I looked long and hard into the face of my son. He has known, all his life, that this day might come, that someday I may abruptly leave him in charge to take this journey.

--But what of me? I am not a young man and it grieves me to leave the comforts of my home, my family, and my daily routine. This is a trip for one so much younger than I.

When I start this journey I will follow a star and be at the calling of its creator. I will no longer make the decisions about my own well-being, but will surrender my will to another. If I could, I would hide in my house and pretend that none of the circumstance of the past few weeks had transpired.

I signed, turned from my family, and mounted the stallion. My destiny was decided long before I was born. I must accept this task, join my companions, and follow the star.

* * * * *

Scriptures for Meditation

Psalms 63:1-2

Jeremiah 29-13

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Magi's Journal


Christmas carols played on the car radio. My son, Adam, and I rushed down the highway for last minute shopping before stores closed for the evening. I tried to avoid the most traveled road, hoping to make better time on the highway.

“A star--a star--shining in the night. . .,” the radio played. I sang along. I always do.

“Here’s a cool thought,” my son began. I think he was trying to distract me from my singing. I noticed he was staring out the window and into the starry sky. “Wouldn’t it be something if an Indiana Jones type archaeologist found some scrolls, written by the Wise Men. I’d like to know what they were thinking while they were following the star.”

Instantly, I slowed the car and stared at my son.

“A journal,” I exclaimed. “What a great idea. What would a Magi’s journal say?”

Adam grinned at me and asked, “Are you about to write a new book?”

* * * * *

There are no known records left by the Magis (or Wise Men). There are only theories about who they were or what prompted their interest in a Hebrew King. My research resulted in the journal of a fictional Magi, Zachariah. I particularly intriguing is the theory that the Magis might have been part of the same group that Daniel (the Old Testament prophet) joined after being captured and moved to Babylon--now called Iraq. Daniel was renamed by his captors, Beltheshazzar.

The theory suggests that perhaps Daniel’s or Beltheshazzar’s beliefs in the God of the Hebrews so inspired his group of Magis that they passed down Daniels teachings throughout the generations. When later Magis saw the star, they recognized this as being part of the coming of the Messiah, as Daniel/ Beltheshazzar had foretold.

Coming post will feature this fictional Magi's Journal.