Saturday, June 4, 2011


During the time I was unable to get away for a work-out, I tried to establish a walking routine. I find walking a neighborhood, track, or treadmill tedious, at best. Walking without a destination is just boring!

I bought my first MP3 player to encourage me to walk more. I haven't found the time to download songs myself, but my son, Adam, decided to help. He transferred some tunes for me, music he felt had a beat that would encourage exercise.

Now my song selection includes Edgar Winter's--Frankenstein, The Who--Pinball Wizard, Tom Petty's--Refugee. Because we live in the south, he went with Lynard Skinnard's--Free Bird. Keep in mind he was trying to pick songs from MY youth. He wasn't even born when these songs were hits.

The result was a much more enjoyable work-out, whether it was simply walking a track, using weights, or a cardio program with the elliptical, nu-step, and bicycle. Time seems to move quicker and I think I work harder, especially when moving to a fast beat.

Sometimes you just need to find the proper motivation to help you get the job done. What are some of the things that motivate you to get the job done?