Sunday, August 4, 2013


School seems to start earlier and earlier each year. Back when I was young, the summer break was started at Memorial Day and ended right after Labor Day. Back in those days schools weren't air conditioned, so right around the middle of April the teachers dusted off the old box fans and taught over the sound of those wind machines. The teachers used them the first couple of weeks after school started in September, too.

Oh yeah, I'm that ancient.

In Tennessee, school has to last 180 days. There's a Fall Break, a Christmas Break, and a Spring Break. A few other holidays are scheduled throughout the year. Those weren't available when I was a child.  We got 2 days off for Thanksgiving, 2 weeks for Christmas, and Good Friday off.  I always thought that children should get the whole day off for Halloween.  So did the teachers.  My mother always disagreed.

Right now I am working as a substitute teacher.  There are a lot of teacher cutbacks in my community.  Still, like being a substitute teacher.  It gives me time to work on my writing.  It keeps my mind actively engaged in my community and that will give me more creative ideas.

Those kids can really make me laugh sometimes, too.