Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Well, I took the big step.

Yesterday, on MLK day, I sent off my manuscript to a publishing company. This is the 3rd time to send
, Second Chances, to this editor. There were specific changes she wanted me to make before considering it for publication. I quickly realized the changes greatly improved the story.

Second Chances is about 5 years in the making. That is 5 years of writing, sending to publishers, rewriting, sending to other publishers, setting the story aside, then rewriting again. Most of that time I have been working at a "day job," too.

Now, I wait--and pray.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


I am just checking in today. I have been editing a manuscript and really have not had the time to post on my blog since New Years.

The holidays came and went--and I continued to work on creating this baby of mine, the first in a series of three books. It is a story about a mother's search for her missing teen, a detective who might be able to help her, and the single clue--a boy who claims to have seen a U.F.O.

So are you interested, yet?

One of my resolutions--to find a publisher for this novel. With a wish and a prayer, and a lot of work, it'll happen.