Sunday, August 17, 2014


The death of actor and comedian, Robin Williams, took most people by surprise. He was brilliant. His work touched millions.

The second surprise was the response to the suicide. I don't care how worldly people respond to such a thing. Non-Christians are not expected to have the same lens by which we view the world.

What did surprise me was that so many Christians threw out opinions without thinking about the feelings and sensitivities of others. They didn't consider that other members of Facebook or their message boards might also have known others who have committed suicide. They could have been tactful or helpful. Instead, they chose to run their mouths.

One person posted that anyone who commits suicide will go to Hell. I asked her to give me a Bible verse upon which she based this belief. Many people have said that, but no one has given me a verse. She never got back to me on that one.

There was one site where a person posted some things that made me feel that she, also, might be battling depression. I began to message her advice. She has struggled in the past but said she was presently stable.

What happened next surprised me. I received many comment that singled me out for showing a helpful, positive attitude toward someone in need. In a short time, the post received over 45 likes. I stopped checking after that.  Most people said that they were bothered by so many legalistic comments and it was refreshing to see someone show concern for another person.

This saddened me. Showing kindness. concern, and helpfulness to others should be the rule, not the exception. As Christians we are to be known for our love even when we don't understand why people do what they do.