Monday, August 1, 2011


Life comes in waves, it seems, and the economy has taken its toll on us all. Stress levels are high.

My grandmother used to say that misery loves company. I have seen evidence of this. During job searches, associates have deliberately withheld information that would have helped me obtain employment. I have watched coworkers set each other up for failure.

This all got me to thinking. In a time when life is so difficult for so many, shouldn’t we be trying all the more, to reach out to others, to cause healing, not more suffering?

I’m not saying that we can all become Mother Theresa, but couldn’t we do just one thing a day--or even a week--to help someone else? Check on a neighbor during this heat wave. Call a shut-in. Collect for the food bank. Give blood. It doesn’t have to be Nobel Prize worthy, just something to help make life worth living.

The day of my grandmother’s funeral, a policeman introduced himself to me. He said that growing up during the Great Depression, he and classmates used to practice baseball in my grandmother’s pasture. After the practice, my grandmother would always fix all the boys beans and cornbread for dinner.

Forty years later this man remembered the kindness shown during a time when people had little to share. The Bible tells of the blessing of sharing a simple drink of water.

Yea, it’s hard out there and few are immune. Maybe if I practice what I preach, I’ll get through this and be a better person, too.