Friday, September 24, 2010

Today's Check Up

Three months ago Dr. Morris strongly suggested I make lifestyle changes to improve my health. I wasn't too happy about it--mostly because I didn't believe it would make that much of a difference. The thing is, I was out of options. At the moment there isn't much, medically, that can be done about my condition and that was too much to deal with.

So I followed the doctor's advice. I have almost completed my Healthy Body class. I have been trying to do many of the things I learned in that class--though I confess I bought white bread instead of wheat bread today. I do backslide from time to time.

I have made an effort to work out 3 days a week, though I sometimes haven't been able to fulfill that task. When I do miss a work out, I often make up for it by walking or exercising at home.

Now what were the results of my efforts? I am 10 pounds lighter and have improved blood pressure. As soon as he came into the room, Dr. Morris said he could tell that I had followed his advice, just by looking at my chart.

Though the weight loss is modest, it feels good to know that my effort is paying off in many ways. Now I just have to keep it up.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


There was a generation that remembered December 7 as clearly as December 25. It was the first time that generation truly felt unsafe on its own shores. It was known later as Pearl Harbor Day and caused the USA to enter WW2.

A war or 2 passes, a cold war, and for a few years we forgot what it was like to be afraid in our own country.

Other countries knew or have known this feeling of terrorism. We were just lucky that for about 50 years there was no actual major attack of our people on our soil.

Yea, terrorists attacked Americans elsewhere, lots of times, and we can't forget the first World Trade Center attack either. --But we did ignore the warnings and the first World Trade Center attack. Denial is always a dangerous thing.

So our eyes were opened--no matter how tightly we tried to keep them shut. We now have our own December 7 and will share our memories with children and grandchildren, but they will forget. Some have all ready forgotten.

Unfortunately, the next generation will have its own disasters to face.

All we can really do is hope--and pray for wisdom and courage.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Assessing My Goals

In about 4 months the year will be over and I need to assess how I am doing with my New Years resolutions. I had 2 resolutions; to improve my physical and financial health.

Few Improvements So Far:
Surprisingly, my financial health has been the hardest part. I have gone from being unemployed to working at a very small private school. The pay is quite low, and though I've tried, I have been unable to find a part-time job or to start my own business.

Still, I may have a new source for my writing. A publisher may be interested in some of my short pieces. Perhaps that will lead to something. I have to keep trying. This is supposed to be my year.

Positive Steps:
On the positive side, I have a diagnosis for my thyroid illness--after all these years. It feels good to know that all those symptoms aren't psychosomatic. It is powerful to know there is a reason for why I feel as I do.

After seeing several doctors, one put me on an exercise program that has helped with the achy, stiff joints, depression, and lack of energy. I do enjoy the water exercises.

I have already seen some results from my first month at The Wellness Center. People say my posture has improved, I stand tall again, and have less of a limp as I walk. I am in much less pain--can sleep through the night without leg cramps. My sleep is deeper and I wake up more refreshed. I have actually lost a few pounds, too.

Though I have room to grow, I am making positive steps toward my resolutions.