Monday, June 25, 2012


Those of you who follow my blog know my dream has been to be a real writer, not just one who is paid for his product, but is known for it.  This past week I have come one step closer to that dream.  I have been offered a contract by Desert Breeze for a 3 ebook deal.  I posted, a few months ago, that I would keep people appraised about what it is like for a writer who is trying to get a manuscript published.

Second Chances was first sent to a publisher in 2007.  It has been rewritten a multitude of times since then.  It has been edited (by me) twice since then.  I am editing it, once again, and reformatting the text before it goes to the Desert Breeze editors.

People amuse me when they think they can write stream of consciousness and get it published--as if their words were divinely inspired.

I know it will continue to be hard work, but it is also satisfying work.  Follow my future postings if you are curious as to what it takes to become a published writer.