Sunday, September 27, 2015


An air show came to town this weekend. I love air shows, watching the sleek jets perform feats that seem impossible, stunt pilots perform sky acrobatics. 

At work, people sat outside on benches during lunch for a glimpse of the pilots practicing. After work, I made a stop at my local library. Outside, a group of teens stood in the parking lot. I watched the boys while they looked at the plane. Instead of marveling at the pilot's talent, the boys each shot vulgar gestures toward the streaking planes. The boys laughed with delight, each trying to outdo the other.

Though the gestures were vulgar and unimaginative, I found the scene amusing. The pilot they were trying to insult, was total unaware of them. That pilot was flying so high, those boys were merely a speck. There insults meant nothing to him.

This scene was especially powerful since I have occasionally felt the insults of others. Like the pilot, I have not deliberately provoked the one throwing out insults. Perhaps, it is just natural for such things to happen, from time to time. 

It seems to me, the best revenge is to be like that pilot. Stay on course and keep on flying. Fly so high and so well, that the insults of others become inconsequential.

Thursday, September 24, 2015


You are invited to a book launch for my trilogy, Friends of Scrapbook, Etc.; 1) A New Season, 2) Red, White  & And True, 3) An Unexpected Gift. The trilogy tells the stories of a group of friends who work at or visit the craft store, Scrapbook, Ect.

The book launch will be Saturday, Sept. 26, from 10:30 till 11:30 a.m. at the public library in Millington, TN. There will be a meet & and greet. Refreshments will be served.

Everyone is invited.

Saturday, September 19, 2015


I'm always the one late to the party so I just went to see War Room Saturday. I found the movie well written, the acting was good, and the characters seemed true to their personalities. I say that because many religious movies lack those qualities. I laughed and I cried. On one occasion I was laughing while I cried.

While I watched the movie I thought back to my own marriage. Yes, I spent a lot of time trying to fix my husband, but I did also pray for him. I do believe in free will so I know my prayers do not have the power to make someone do my will. Prayers are not about making God give me what I want, either.War Room was all about prayer and how prayer is important in relationships.

Not every marriage can be saved by prayer, but prayer will make the praying person stronger, so that he/she might more easily survive the inevitable. Prayer is always the best choice.

My son will soon marry and I suggested that he and his fiance watch the movie, War Room so they can start the marriage right. I guess that is the best possible recommendation I can give the movie.

Friday, September 11, 2015

9-11, 14 YEARS LATER

I thought I could make it through this anniversary without a tear, especially since I am no longer a teacher and won't be teaching a 9-11 lesson. Today I passed a flag flying at half-staff, then a second, and a third. Then all the memories rushed past.

Life was a little different those days. Cell phones weren't so common. Teachers weren't allowed to have them in the classroom back then. The Internet wasn't the same, either. Social media wasn't quite as -- organized. Information was limited.

I was isolated with a classroom full of 2nd graders. There was a whisper in a hallway about an explosion at one of the Twin Towers. It wasn't till lunch in the teacher's lounge that I saw the first video. I felt sick, numb when I returned to teach.

But things got worse as time went on. Later we learned the horrible incident were worse than we first imagined. It wasn't 1 plane, but 4 that were hijacked and crashed that day. That night, I crossed a darkened Hernando Desoto Bridge from Arkansas into Memphis,Tennessee.The bridge was considered a target and lights remained darkened for many months.

The next day, you could feel the fear in the classroom. School was closed after a half day, due to other threats called into the radio station and the widespread panic that caused.

The attack was on certain specific locations, but all of the US felt the pain. Fourteen years have passed and most children don't know about 9-11. If you don't believe me, stop a child and ask him/her. It is amazing how little they know.

Maybe some people think it is a good thing that the horrors of 9-11 should be forgotten. I don't. I remember people cheering at our pain, chanting "Death to America."

Evil attacked that day, but heroes fought back and that should never be forgotten.

Saturday, September 5, 2015


I used to post a lot of opinions on Facebook, a lot of political stuff. I used to find articles to correct people when their sources were inaccurate. I don't do that so much anymore. Most people aren't interested in an exchange of ideas and only a few have interest in accuracy.

So why do people post about causes and political ideas on Facebook? There are probably a multitude of reasons, but the one I want to explore is this--that it is easy. It is much easier to talk about an idea or view on the Internet than to actually get one's hands dirty and doing something.

I first became aware of this fact during Hurricane Katrina. I used to frequent a message board in those days. People were all upset because "no one" was doing anything to help with the refugees. I finally posted the question, "What are you doing?"

"What are you doing," they replied, defensively.

I shared that I was a volunteer at my church. We were filling an 18 wheeler truck with supplies: water, diapers, and toiletries. I spent my Labor Day weekend trying to be a part of the solution.
Needless to say, a lot of people ganged up on me, after that, as people on the Internet are prone to do. It was the first time I began to examine the motives of people who say, "Someone should do something." It is sometimes a code for, "I want to be on the politically right side, but I don't want to get my hands dirty."

Here's the thing, posting an opinion is nice. It is also easy.  If you want to improve the world, you have to get off your behind, turn off the computer, and go out and do something.

Maybe you can't do something dramatic, but you can do something. Maybe you can volunteer at a senior center, a crisis center, or at one of your church's benevolence groups.

Talk is cheap--even Internet talk--work lasts. Get your hands dirty.